ICC, through companies associated with its shareholder, intends to leverage the achievements, benefits and experiences gained to date.  The diverse portfolio, encompassing projects in construction, infrastructure and telecommunications, among other industries in the private and public sectors, is impressive and should serve to support ICC in its entry into target markets. We currently pursuing leads and potential developments in numerous locations across major cities as well as some of the remotest locations in the Middle East.


The company made its entry into the south of Iraq in 2004. It has carried out numerous road projects in many of the country’s regions. These include Al Basra, Al Jamhouriya, Al Andalous, Al Bakr, Al Ahrar, Al Mechraq Al Kadim, Al Michraq Al Jadid, Al Koubla and Al Jounayna. One of its celebrated achievements is the development of a number of public and private buildings, schools and clinics, as well as complete works on electricity and water stations. These were achieved in collaborationwith the provincial and municipal governments, the Ministry of Construction, South Oil Company and non-governmental organizations.

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Great success has been recognized in completing road developments in Lebanon where the company has worked closely with the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, and the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities; as well as global institutions such as the World Bank and the US Agency for International Development, which have funded many of the projects undertaken by the enterprise. ICC has also collaborated with the Council for Development and Construction to execute various infrastructure projects in the country as well as the government-owned power generating company, Electricité du Liban.

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