Roads, Bridges and Infrastructures

Project Name: Construction of (69.51km) Eleme-Oyigbo Road in Tai LGA, Rivers State

Scope of work: The project includes clearing and gubbing, excavation, filling material, concrete pipe culverts, cast in-situ concrete anf formwork, steel reinforcement, service ducts, duct marker block, curbing channeling open chutes, dowsn pipes and concrerte lining of open drains, concrete lining for open ditch, concrete drain covers, class 30/20 in situ concrete for lined rectangular drains including formwork, stone pitching, stone masonry wall and rock fill, concrete pitching, roadbed preparation and compaction of material, subbase layer constructed from gravel or crushed stones, base layer construction, prime coat, aggregate for blinding, tack coat, double surface treatment, asphalting surfacing, steel reinforcement for structures, cast insitu concrete, bituminous fiber sheet joint filler, drainage gullies, stone masonry structures, right of way marker posts, guardrails,road signs, retro reflective thermoplastic road markingpaint, white lettering and symbols, construction of bus shelters and planting and grassing