101 km road – Kano state

Project Name: Construction of the (101 km) Malama Rigan Gabas Road in Warafa Federal Constituency, Kano State

Scope of work: The project includes clearing and gubbing, excavation, Backfilling, concrete pipe culverts, Kerbing, stone masonry for open drains in urban areas, reinforced concrete drain covers for open drains in urban areas, stone pitching, stone masonry wall and erosion protection, excavation, backfilling and hand laid rock fill, subbase, road base and garvel wearing course, crushed stone base, bituminous prime coat (MC-30 cutback bitumen), double surface treatment, cyclopean mass concrete, steel reinforcement for structures, cast insitu concrete for bridges, elastomeric bearing, concrete railig, expasion joint -, joint sealant, drainage pipes, stone masonry structures and riprap, gabion boxes, sheathing material from crushed stone type A covered e=with geotextile type I-A, delineators, markers and kilometer posts, guardrails, road signs, road traffic marking and roads studs, grassing, planting of local trees and concrete tile footway

Federal Ministry of Works and Housing
Kano State , Nigeria